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2017 Christmas Party a HIT!!!

22 Dec 2017 2:29 PM | Marshall Henley

Our December 21st Christmas party was one of the best ever. 45 members were in attendance. We had a celebration of the year, with all its good news, to include:

  • 102 members - 103 as of the party (one more joined)!
  • 36 new members - 37 as of the party (one more joined)
  • Of those 20 new QuickSTART and JUNIOR members that were more-or-less new to the hobby - 21 as of the Party with a new QuickSTART added.
  • Ended the year with more cash than we began
  • Three major, successful events: Big Bird & Jet Fly-In, Warbirds Over St. Louis, SuperFly 2017


We had lots of food on-hand as people brought goodies to share.

We kicked off the fun with a QuickSTART raffle - the experienced guys brought used or NIB planes that they weren't using and the newbies were able to win. Ken Merrill brought three radios and matching receivers, so several who won planes also won radios to match! Only QuickSTART members from 2017 were eligible to win.

Next we did our Dirty Santa gift exchange, which was hilarious. With 45 guys there, it took a while. We'll change the rules to speed things up in the future.

Finally we wrapped up with our Christmas Party Raffle. Thanks to Schaefer's Hobby's for four NIB planes (Waco RTF biplane, two EDF jets, and one P51 RTF with retracts).

A Good Night

The club made money on the raffles and gave $100 to the Eureka food pantry charity and $40 to the Central Baptist Church in Eureka for facility use.

Next stop, 2018 with our FIRST FLIGHT event on Jan 1. Going to be the coldest in memory, so even more fun!

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