Our Mission and Values


St. Louis Radio Control Flying Association is a group of like-minded modelers who are:

        • Ambassadors for RC Flying and Our Club in St. Louis, and abroad.
        • Enthusiasts who bring new people into the hobby and our club.
        • Smart stewards of our financial and physical resources.
        • Pro-active stewards of our mission, values and vision.

What we do:

        • Create an environment where our members, guests, spectators and partners have fun, with relaxation and enjoyment for all, and enjoy shared experiences and memories, making friends within our hobby.
        • Enable legacies in RC modeling and flying for multiple generations.
        • Help each other through learning, improving and expanding.
        • Continuously improve towards a world-class flying facility.
        • Create well-run, well-attended events that connect with modelers and our community.
        • Conduct fun activities and meetings that members and visitors thoroughly enjoy.


St. Louis Radio Control Flying Association places the highest value on being…

Friendly –

    • We treat each other like we would like to be treated.
    • We work towards mutual enjoyment, relaxation and FUN.
    • We treat club members like gold; we treat visitors & guests like platinum.
    • We thrive on relationships and comradery with modelers, our St. Louis community and our modeling universe (vendors, events, other clubs).

Helping – Training and mentoring are as important as flying our own planes.

Inclusive – We appreciate and encourage all types of flying and aircraft, seeking win-win ways of balancing the needs of different aspects of the hobby.

Effectively Communicating –

    • We seek first to understand before being understood.
    • We use multiple channels of communication.
    • We are thorough in communication, verifying understanding before proceeding.

Excellent – We don’t attempt to do something important unless we do it well, defined as “the best we can with what resources we have.”

Safe – Risk is avoided and mitigated; it is carefully considered as part of everything we do.

(c) 2023, St. Louis Radio  Control Flying Association

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