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Buder Park Rules (from GLSMA) - IMPORTANT

13 Dec 2016 5:28 PM | Marshall Henley

Reposted from GLSMA e-mail. Click here for attachment (St. Louis County Order).


G.S.L.M.A  Notice - December 10, 2016

Attention flyers:

GSLMA recently met with St. Louis County Parks Department.  The following new County Council Order with Attachment A was approved by the County Council.  Attachment A are updated Buder Park flying field rules showing that both AMA and a Buder Park Permit (for a fee) are required to fly at Buder Park.

Effective January 1, 2017, St. Louis County Park Rangers will be checking for current AMA membership and a current Buder Park Permit.  If you are flying without AMA and/or a Buder Park Permit, a citation may be issue.

AMA membership is available at www.modelaircraft.org and the application for a Buder Park permit can be found at www.gslma.com.

Please contact GSLMA with questions.

Tony Vitiello


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