A Few Good Men

23 Nov 2016 2:43 PM | Marshall Henley

Marshall L. Henley, SLRCFA Vice President

From our Mission and Values (adopted in 2016), our annual Vision & Goals is put together. This year, we had some interesting, but possibly premature goals. I say “premature” because we needed good folks to lead those efforts before we committed to the goals.

As part of the 2016 Vision, we wanted to create the following teams with associated leaders. A team lead could be a board member, and many teams are led by board members, but does not have to be led by a board member. The teams (and leaders) are:

Already in existence in 2016

  • ·        Vision Team  (Marshall Henley)
  • ·        Field Team (Mike Stellern)
  • ·        Sound Team (Allan Main)
  • ·        Safety Team (John DeLuca the younger)

New Teams with Assigned Leaders

  • ·        Marketing & Communications Team – Marshall Henley
  • ·        Youth Outreach Team – George Biderman
  • ·        Training Team – Jonathan Hendrickson
  • ·        Finance Team – Dennis Chivetta
  • ·        501c7 & Taxes –Dennis Chivetta

However, we still need leaders for three teams, created and (hopefully) ready-to-go by the end of 2016:

  • ·        FUN Team
  • ·        Events Team
  • ·        Future Field Purchase Team

If you feel like you can help us with some team leadership for one of these three teams, let us know by contacting Marshall Henley, webmaster@slrcfa.com. Some basic team / leaders descriptions follow to help you understand the roles:

FUN Team

The FUN Team is exactly what it sounds like: keep the club having fun and don’t get bogged down by the stuff we have to process on the board. The leader of the FUN team will…

  • ·        Conceive, promote and implement fun activities that generate club enthusiasm and outreach to potential club members and RC flying enthusiasts.
  • ·        Conduct various fun flying events (separate from the “big four”) that require less coordination, provide a lot of fun, and allow those to participate who are not our every-day flyers. CombatONE is an example.
  • ·        Coordinate FUN at every club meeting: we want standing-room only at the club meetings. Think outside of the box, and NOT about club business. Leave that to the board.


The EVENT Team leader will put together individual teams to run each of our major events. Right now, those consist of:

  • ·        June Model Aviation Airshow and Fly-In
  • ·        3D Fly-In
  • ·        Warbirds over St. Louis
  • ·        Toys-for-Tots / Chili Fly

We want our events to sparkle, and attract new members to SLRCFA and enthusiasts to the hobby. Each event should be well-run, with a volunteer / responsibility list, lesson-learned after each event, spectator and pilot surveys (when appropriate), pamphlets and hand-outs for the club, and more than anything else, LOTS of pilots from out of town and lots of St. Louis Community visitors.

We may need to break this up by event, but a single EVENT Team Leader could still oversee those guys running each individual event so we get continuity.

An important goal is to get the 2017 events on the calendar and get AMA sanctions by mid-December, and get publicizing and organizing them starting in January 2017. Find the right guys and delegate is the key! We had over 40 different event volunteers in 2016!


Whether we purchase the field we currently lease, look for another field for 10 years down the road, or make long-term field improvement plans for the current field, we need someone to lead the effort to consider our options. The FUTURE FIELD Team leader should have a good understanding of what it takes to do this sort of analysis, and be able to create presentations and speak before the board and the club.


If you think you might be a good fit for one of these roles, contact marshallhenley@webmaster@slrcfa.com


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