2016 Feb

04 Feb 2016 7:04 PM | Marshall Henley

GSLMA Meeting – Wednesday, February 4th, 2016

Location: Grand Glaize Library Branch

Notes by: Jeffrey C. Young

Meeting called to order: 7:04pm

Roll Call.

January minutes read. Motion, second, and passed.

Treasures Report:

BB: $27,726.72

Total Deposits: $915.00

Debit – Porta Potty #869: $80.00

Debit – Stamps: $19.60

Total Debits: $99.60

EB: $28,542.12

Motion, second, and passed.

Buder Park Permits:

Permits 2016 01/01/2016 to 01/31/2016: 26

Permits 2016 YTD: 79

Old Business:

  • Park reservations: Lafayette Esquadrill – February 27-28 April 15-17 May 22 September 16-18

October 15-16 November 19-20, Whirlybirds - June 4-5, Buder Air Show – September 17-18, Aero

Pilots May 21.

  • Motion to reserve Buder Park Ball Fields for Buder Air Show for approx. $1200.00. Second, passed,

one opposed.

  • SLCPD Meeting – donation must be made - through work, improvements, field rental, or cash

donation, etc.

  • Cost to maintain upper and lower Buder approx. $70,000.00 per year.

New Business:

 FPV Area – talked to SLCPD – permanent course may be utilized if approved by SLCPD. Signage for

FPV area will be sent to SLCPD for approval, location, and installation.

 FPV safety rules reviewed and will be posted when complete.

 CL area can be used for RC as well, if not being used for CL.

 CL area did receive some minor damage from flood and will need to be repaired by SLCPD. GSLMA

will pay for any material costs, if required.

 Lease with SLCPD – to be renewed in next few months if possible. Keys to getting renewed: come

up with plan for improvements for Buder. Lease would be for 5 years. SLCPD likes having GSLMA.

SLCPD wants to know how GSLMA will improve Buder and this will help with lease approval.

 BBQ Grill – if we buy they will install – need to decide location. Decide at next meeting with SLCPD.

 Park Permits – meeting with SLCPD – rule in 1985, ordinance number 616-180 valid per SLCPD – per

this ordinance, permit is required per SLCPD. SLCPD will enforce. GSLMA to self-patrol, if not SLC

rangers will be utilized.

 Discussed FAA registration.

 Flood – still missing 3 to 4 benches. Still allot covered with mud. Clean-up still continuing.

Meeting closed 8:38pm

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