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  • 2016 June (FPV signup, no car RC sign, possible RC truck track, Airshow)

2016 June (FPV signup, no car RC sign, possible RC truck track, Airshow)

02 Jun 2016 7:06 PM | Marshall Henley

GSLMA Meeting – Tuesday, June 2nd, 2016

Location: Grand Glaize Library Branch

Notes by: Jeffrey C. Young

Meeting called to order: 7:06pm

Roll Call.

May minutes read. Motion, second, and passed.

Treasures Report:

BB: $30,786.15

Total Deposits: $476.00

Debit – AMA: $90.00

Debit – Airshow Reservation: $1290.00

Debit – Porta Potty #876: $80.00

Debit – AMA additional insurance: $250.00

Total Debits: $1710.00

EB: $29,552.15

Motion, second, and passed.

Buder Park Permits:

Permits 2016 05/01/2016 to 05/31/2016: 15

Permits 2016 YTD: 183

Old Business:

  • FPV sign up – (4) total. Tony V. got a call from Tom O. about a complaint on the signs. Wanted to

know if RC was expanding RC area. Tom O. explained that it is part of the flying area. Flyers have the

first right to area usage.

  • Remove “no RC car sign” from control line area? Consensus is to leave sign up and as is. Discuss at a

later date and revisit topic.

  • Additional insurance required by SLCPD – Lance T. sent check AMA – costs $250.00.
  • No information on by-law changes at this time.
  • Porta potty has been moved.
  • Safety fence in the control line are is still broken. Tony V. will ask about the repair at meeting.
  • Tom O. noticed boundary posts may be missing. Tony V. will be checking into.

New Business:

  • Look at opening an RC car track at Buder. Tony will talk with SLCPD and the Dirt Burners to see what

they think.

  • Buder Air Show. Use charity, different charity, or no charity. Charity seemed to complicate things.

Supporting charity did not provide any additional coverage or spectators. Only benefit was

additional parking income.

Meeting closed 8:15pm

(c) 2016, St. Louis Radio  Control Flying Association

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